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Mahesh Zagade xIAS


Get Motivated and Energized

(xPrincipal Secretary to Government of Maharashtra)A Brief Introduction

For Mahesh, it had been a wonderful and enriching journey for of about 37 years in Government and with a multinational company. On the way, he could gather insights into diverse subjects ranging from research and development, Public & Corporate Administration, Revenue, Agriculture, Rural Development, Urbanization and Urban Development, Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation, Sustainability & Environment Protection, Education, Medicines, Health Sector, Food, Water and Soil Conservation, Agri-processing , Finance, Transport, Disaster Prevention & Management, mega events management like Kumbhmela , Industrial Strategy, Sustainable business Plans to name a few.

Apart from this, Mahesh has been a captivating and engaging speaker. The public speaking has been a matter of passion for him and he has motivated and stirred the minds of youth to explore themselves for higher endeavors and happiness through a series of lectures on futuristic innovations, confidence building, disruptive Innovations, general motivation for success and a plethora of other subjects. He has been invited to many Corporate, Trade, social, academic, research, legal, associations and apex bodies for rich and quality dialogue and interactive sessions as well as a keynote speaker. He is sharing his unique experience, vision and knowledge to almost all segments of the society, including corporate, farmers, students, government officials, people’s representatives, health professionals, academic etc through lectures and specifically organized meetings.

In India, he is known for his no nonsense administrative demeanor as he had successfully taken on very powerful lobbies without getting pressurized or bowing to any threats. This makes his astounding life story a spellbinding experience to listen to and this itself is a major motivator for many. Many of his administrative actions have left a positive indelible mark on the well being of the people. A recently published novel in Marathi titled Red Tape depicts his kind of socially relevant and daring administrative career.

Some of the Topics he speaks on…


Disruptive Innovations

Future of the businesses


Urban Planning

Smart city

Effective Governance

Transparent Governance

Democracy and current global scenario

Transformation of global economy

Societal strategies for elimination of corruption

Governments…. Failure and how to improvise their performance

1. Central Government

2. State Government

3. Local Self Governments

Rational use of medicines

Hazards of indiscriminate use of medicines and solutions

Secure food quality for better health

Prevent Diabetes and management of weight


Disruption in Corruption

Lead a happy life

Emergence of urbanized world

Glimpses of internal functioning in the Administration

Glimpses of internal functioning in the Government

Drug and cosmetic law for medical professionals

Demystification Land laws

Failure of land laws and way ahead

A better future

Fourth Industrial Revolution… Implications and Future-ready strategies

Demystification of Governance

Instant Achhe Din…without new welfare programs or laws or additional funds

Climate Change

Renewable Energy

Energy Conservation

Sustainability and Environment Protection

Food laws for food industry

Drug laws for pharmaceutical industry

Cohesive society

Tobacco free world

Healthy body and healthy mind

Pharmacy profession

Public Health

Government policies for Public Health


Pollution Control

Water Conservation

Solid Waste Management

Issues and remedies for Farmers’s suicides

Pubic Transport

Women Empowerment

Sexual Harassment at Public Places

Urban Reforms

Child Abuse

Transport Laws


Distortion of Democracy and its Restoration

Creation of new governance Units in Urban Areas

A better society in 21st Century


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