Empower yourself…….(For the young)

Buddies, we have been blessed with best of biologically evolved body and mind in comparison with the rest of the creatures and, therefore, we can proudly call ourselves supreme being and this supremacy is growing day by day. In fact, we have started to explore all the frontiers of the Universe. What has made us so powerful than the other creatures? It’s certainly not the physical strength as some of the animals like tigers or lions can easily surpass our bodily strength. Therefore, it’s not the physical strength, but intellectual prowess that sets us apart from the rest of the animals.

The intellectual strength is the outcome of the brain that we possess. We have the largest and most complicated brain that enables us to acquire, store and process information on such a scale that is unimaginable. You are living in an era that provides you easy access to information….. an access to an unprecedented scale and speed. This has become possible through the internet, information technologies, print and electronic media. In fact, it has come to a stage wherein the information flows on its own through various sources, especially the social media. I call it an assault of information. It’s good or bad?

Of course, the information is always good, however, there are two issues that decide the utility of it.

First, there’s growing danger of spread of false information that gets circulated through social, electronic and other means of communication. You have to be very discernible about the truthfulness of it or otherwise, you become the victim and slave of such falsehood. The people, who are not on the right side of humanity, indulge in such kind of activities that lead to social conflicts and strifes, apart from personal damages. I strongly urge you to question the authenticity of information before you believe in it or share it and become a responsible part of the society.

Secondly, the information itself is of no use or consequence unless it is processed. Information is like a heap of bricks and only when you arrange these bricks in proper manner bound by cement it becomes a beautiful house. Therefore, whenever you imbibe any information you need to analyse it. And the best device that doesn’t cost you any money and is always with you is your own brain to analyse or process the information. This is the best processing device ever created on this planet. Whatever progress that humanity has made so far is the outcome of the processing of information and making use of it. Therefore, don’t stop at the point of receiving the information. You should train your brain to think about it, correlate it with other information and make sense of it as your personal opinion. This is the first step of becoming a creative person. All the successful people are basically creative in their sphere of activity. This will increase your intellectual capacity progressively. Of course, by being just an intellectual person is not enough, however, simultaneously, you have to be wise to deploy this intelligence to achieve definite objectives in life.

So, let’s decide to sift the information for its truthfulness, think over it creatively and make use of it in a tangible and useful purpose. Make this as a habit to pave way for becoming a great personality of the future.


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