RTI…the Tool.

In India, where we live, breathe and thrive,

There’s a right that we must all strive,

To attain information, it’s a noble cause,

It’s the cornerstone of democracy, its rightful clause.

The Right to Information Act, a beacon of hope,

For the masses, a way to help them cope,

With the complexities of government and its ways,

And to hold those in power accountable for their deeds and ways.

With just a few clicks, or a simple pen,

We can seek what’s hidden and reveal it again,

No more secrets, no more lies,

We have the power to pierce through their disguise.

It’s a tool of change, a voice for the people,

A way to make their opinions heard and revel,

In a transparent system, where truth prevails,

And the right to information never fails.

So let us use this right, with care and pride,

For a better India, where freedom abides,

Where knowledge is power and ignorance a curse,

And the right to information, our greatest resource

………………………………….. Mahesh Zagade


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