Restoring the Independence of Politics: Breaking Free from Capitalistic Forces.

Over the past few decades, politicians around the world have increasingly become subservient to capitalistic forces. Many political leaders and parties have willingly aligned themselves with the interests of corporations and wealthy individuals, often at the expense of the common people. This trend has resulted in a loss of independence of the political arena and has weakened democracy.

One of the main reasons for this subjugation is the immense financial power wielded by corporations and wealthy individuals. They use their vast resources to influence political outcomes by funding political campaigns, lobbying politicians, and even establishing their own political parties. This often results in policies that favor the interests of these wealthy donors over the needs and desires of the general public.

To restore the independence of the political arena from the clutches of capitalistic forces, several steps must be taken. The first and most important step is to establish strong regulations to limit the influence of money in politics. This includes limiting the amount of money that can be spent on political campaigns and the amount of donations that can be accepted from corporations and wealthy individuals. Additionally, politicians should be required to disclose all sources of funding, so that the public can be aware of any potential conflicts of interest.

Another important step is to increase transparency in the political process. This includes making all political decisions and negotiations public, as well as ensuring that all meetings between politicians and lobbyists are made available for public scrutiny. This will help to prevent backroom deals and ensure that politicians are accountable to the people they represent, rather than to their wealthy donors.

Finally, it is essential to strengthen the voice of the common people in the political process. This can be done by increasing voter participation and making it easier for people to access information about political candidates and issues. Additionally, it is important to promote the development of grassroots organizations that can advocate for the needs and desires of the common people.

In conclusion, the subjugation of the political arena to capitalistic forces is a serious threat to democracy and the well-being of the people. To restore independence to the political arena, it is necessary to establish strong regulations, increase transparency, and strengthen the voice of the common people on the lines of DiEM25 movement in Europe. Only then can we ensure that our politicians are truly working for the benefit of all citizens, rather than just a select few.


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